My inspiration for this blog, and it’s title, is the realization that I’ve been in volunteer youth ministry for ten years, and still going, with no plans to leave youth ministry behind me any time soon. At a recent event for my church’s youth team (our end-of-the-school-year gathering, complete with awards from our youth pastor), I received the “Fountain of Youth” award, commemorating my ten-year milestone. It got me to thinking about those ten years, spent at two different churches (I spent about a year in Erie, PA as part of a Master’s Commission there), and serving under six different youth pastors, four at the church I currently serve in. While there was some over-lap there, I have some suspicions about why that number is as high as it is, but rather than rehash old memories (and open old wounds, truth be told… church splits are ugly, and I hope I *never* go through one, much less two, again), I wondered if perhaps I could pass on some of what I’ve learned in ten years and six youth pastors. So, that’s what I’ll be doing here at Ten Years Young. I’ll also be sharing resources and blog posts from around the Web that I’ve found helpful, encouraging, useful, interesting, and sometimes just really funny. I’ll be working on putting together a blogroll very soon, and setting up a Twitter account associated directly. Until then, feel free to follow my personal Twitter account, @mrmadchef (I’m a semi-pro chef, and make my living primarily in the restaurant industry).

Thanks for reading! Feedback is always welcome!