I learned (or rather, was reminded) this week why communication, and over-communicating, can be so important, especially in ministry, even moreso when you have a part to play in the service. This week, I had to be at my primary job on Wednesday night (when we have our youth service). Not a big deal, right? Well, it wouldn’t have been if I had taken the time to make sure more people knew I wasn’t going to be at the service; the problem was compounded by the fact that I’m usually the announcements guy (along with another member of the volunteer staff, who, incidentally, also was not at the service).

Long story short, a couple phone calls and a few texts later (when I’m not even supposed to have my phone with me at work!) my fellow staff members knew I wouldn’t be there, but making sure they knew beforehand would have saved them wondering and worry.

Bottom line: if you’re not going to be there for an event, be it a regular service, a special event/outing/overnight trip/whatever, make sure several people know, not just your youth pastor/leader. It’ll save a lot of wondering, worry, and stress for everyone involved.