The youth ministry I serve in is hosting our winter retreat this weekend, and I spent a good part of the afternoon painting some set pieces for the weekend. When I opened up one of the cans of paint to start work on another set piece, the color I found was quite different than what I expected. I thought I was opening up a tan/beige color, and what I found was a sort of turquoise color. Some of you have probably already figured out where I’m going, but I figured out quickly that I needed to stir the paint to get the true color out of it.

I think the same can be said of us in youth ministry. Sometimes the Lord has to “stir us up” for us to see what our gifts and passions are, and how we can use those things in His service. By the same token, sometimes it’s up to us to stir up faith, passion, and any number of other things in the students we minister to. Or, maybe stirring things up and making some changes in what we’re doing can help re-ignite our passions. Do something different than usual in your ministry. Change up the translation of the Bible that you read and study with. Whatever it is, stir things up and let it stir up the passion, drive, and call you have been given.