I’ve been away from the blog for quite some time, with no real reason other than I just haven’t made it a priority. I’m trying to change that by expanding the scope of Ten Years Young. I still want it to be a place where I can share the lessons I’ve learned in youth ministry, and also learn from others. I want it to be a place of conversation among youth workers, and a place where we can encourage and uplift each other. But I also want to write about other things. Life. Faith. The world. Beauty. Pain. Music. Movies. A lot of things, really. So, that’s where I’m headed. I wanted to throw politics into the mix, but seeing as it can be such a polarizing issue, I’ve decided to leave that out. I can always start another blog to write about the political causes that are important to me, but I really don’t want to bring that discussion here. I want this to be a place of hope, help, and inspiration, and sometimes debate, but debate that pushes all of us to do better and be better at what we do, not divide us.

To those who have journeyed with me this far, thank you. For those just joining the conversation, welcome. I hope you’ll stay a while.